Customer's Review

Name: Phan Quang Luu

Date: 1999-09-02

Country: Viet Nam

This is to thank you and all your staff at Palmira Resort for the warm and friendly reception during our stay there. The beach is so beautiful. We love it and will sure come back one day soon.

Name: Jaimé De Soi

Date: 1999-10-102

Country: Spain

Content: I would like to express my thanks to you for the excellent services. Thanks a gain.

Name: Robert Johnson

Date: 1999-11-25

Country: United States of America

Hello Palmira! We were there last month and now we are back in the States. It was a nice time staying at your resort. I look forward to staying at your resort again next year.

Name: Mario Behling

Date: 1999-12-15

Country: Germany

Very nice resort you have. Please keep up the place. We will be there again soon with our friends.

Name: Павлов Rentov

Date: 1999-12-15

Country: Україна

Спасибі всім вам!

Name: Le Thanh Tam

Date: 2002-03-06

Country: Saigon

My company made a trip to your resort and every of us love it. We will be there again soon...

Name: Wong Tee Fai

Date: 2003-04-05

Country: Taiwan

I like the resort.

Name: Terry Clark

Date: 2006-01-03

Country: Australia

Your resort is beautiful. We love it.

Name: Tommi Jensen

Date: 1999-12-15

Country: Denmark

It is a beautiful and nice sunny beach. We like it very much

Name: Abasi

Date: 1999-12-15

Country: Cairo

Thanks for your cozy place.

Name: Andreas

Date: 2009-10-04

Country: Norway

Please send my best regards to your receptions who are very nice. Good luck to all! Best wishes!