What We Have

Restaurant & bar:

With 4 bars and 2 restaurants, you are always well served with the best, local, fresh food. Breakfast by the cool morning seaside, dinner with fresh daily catches and charcoal grilled specialities in a romantic atmosphere, or just cocktails and beer to drink. All are possible at the Palmira resort & Cocogarden restaurants and bars.

Maybe you want to dine in a comfortable, French style restaurant or an open terrace by ocean, by the swimming pool or in the natural cocogarden. We'll ensure that you're in the right place. Spend some time in the "Full Moon" restaurant where our excellent chef prepares exquisite seafood and Vietnamese cuisine. You will find your perfect moments in paradise or will be just as comfortable as in your home.


Tropical night:

Have you seen tropical night when moon still not rise? No? Don't worry, being at Palmira Resort, you will have chance to enjoy this extraordinary time. In the moment when Sun sets at the horizon, there is only the eternal music of ocean waves breaks the silence of the fully dark night. The cool night wind is softly taping your body, leading you to a sound sleep with romantic lullaby, leaving behind you the night shadows of the coco palms. And before the Sun rises, when the early dawn is still in the ocean sleep, the songs of birds greet you a new bright day!


Coco garden & beach:

Being located in an area of some 20,000 sqm with natural Coco garden - aged more than ten years - Palmira Resort has ranked one of the best resorts in Vietnam. When you get into Palmira Resort, away from the noise of motocycles and cars, you will loose your way in the wonderful Coco garden with the singing of birds. Relaxing in the green Coco garden, listenning to the ocean orchestra, your mind will fresh and your time is back to heaven.


Plus services:

To make your stay more comfortable in Palmira Resort, we have added the following Plus Services to serve you:


1. Communication facilities: International Fax and IDD telephone, Email & Internet Access

2. Currency exchange, major credit cards accepted

3 .Souvenir shop, Safety deposit box, Special meals on request.

4. Vehicles rental service (Jeeps, bikes, bicycle, cars...)



Excursion: All kind of excursion can be organized, such as bicycles, motor- bikes, jeeps, cars, canoes ... to help you discover the amazing scenery of the Sand Dunes, climp up to the top of the Kega Lighthouse (50m high), fishing in the sea and have exotic lunch with fish you have got.